New year, new travels

Sad to say goodbye to this beautiful beach - North Beach, Wollongong
Sad to say goodbye to this beautiful beach – North Beach, Wollongong

At the end of 2014, Ian and I decided to pack up our little life in Wollongong and head overseas.  It was a decision we had been pondering for quite some time, but really never acted upon.  A year travelling.. wouldn’t that be great!?   But it was always just put to the side, with neither of us decisive enough to commit to actually doing it.  But then, tired with the same old routine and knowing that the longer we didn’t do it, the less likely we were to do it, we finally made the leap.  So we ended our lease, quit our jobs, packed up our things (dumping them with the parents.. thanks!) and flew on out of there.

We left just after Xmas, and have been travelling in the UK and Europe since then.  We have been to some amazing places, some less so.  We have had some amazing times and also some very challenging ones (note to self, in future do not break leg whilst travelling – but more about that later).  And despite frustrating the hell out of each other at times, we have yet to kill one another (fingers crossed it stays that way!).

I have to admit, I should have started a blog earlier.  That would have been much easier to post things along the way.  But oh well.  On this blog, I plan on sharing some of the photos I have taken, stories and accounts of places we have been over the past 8 months.  And I will endeavour to keep it up for the rest of the travels (maybe).